Wellness Success Stories
We are so proud of the progress our Team is making towards healthy living!  Check out these great success stories and congratulate these Wellness Superheroes if you see them!

Got a success story of your own?  We want to share it!  Email tcteam@tuttleclick.com.
Dave Constant

Dave has lost weight and improved his health through diet and exercise.  He credits the Wellness Committee and his coworkers' support for contributing to his success.  Dave took second place in the Fast Start Wellness Challenge.

Veronica Charette
"I had heard that Carrie was coming to the dealerships and was going to start promoting wellness.   Carrie and I went to Herbalife on a Tuesday to check out their products together.  Two days later I went over to my good friend Debbie's house for a shake party.  She had lost 10 lbs in just one month.  I decided I wanted to give it a try and see what happens.  I started adding the Visalus shake into my daily eating routine by having it for breakfast and lunch, eating healthy snacks in-between.  My goal was to win Carrie's first contest here at work.  I worked very hard doing 5ks, and doing things like keeping my exercise and meals log.  I did win the first contest--yeah!   I was so happy but I didn’t want to stop there.  At that point I think I had lost 20 lbs.  Each contest I strive to do my best.  I don’t plan on winning any of them anymore but I like the incentives.  Each contest I have gone down around five to ten pounds.  At this point from my highest weight I am down pretty much 50lbs.  49.5 to be exact.  I like the hikes, in fact a few of us are going to do the same hike this weekend.

The shake is still a very big part of my life.  I have one everyday for breakfast still.  They are so yummy I actually crave them.  We have cut down on things at home like pasta, and cheese bread.  Trying to do more salads and stay away from chocolate.  I love the Lunch and Learns, everytime I learn something new.  I don’t have a regimen because I have a son in two sports and a daughter with homework.  So it is extremely hard to find any time to do anything on schedule.  I do my best to walk/run a couple of times during the week these days.  The best motivation is going from size 16 to size 6.  I can now buy clothes that I want.  I never ever thought I would be in a medium again.  All the energy and feeling better is the best reward…."


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